Not You Too

Not You Too

By: Joe Leone

Which one of us does not have high blood pressure? My situation started many years ago when I was in my 30’s. I had a severe headache and felt like my head was coming off.

When I went to the doctor he supposed it was pressure from work and not being able to relax… in addition to my two tax jobs, I was also involved in organizations concerning School, Social, Athletics, & Veterans to name a few.

There were no pill or treatments then and here I am now many years later alive and still being treated for high blood pressure. But now we can say “under control”

Based on an article I recently read “Blood Pressure Rates are Soaring” The Numbers are shocking. Almost 1 Billion people (that’s billion with a B) worldwide have high blood pressure and by 2025 half a billion more will have this silent killer. It’s not just a problem for the ever fattening Western World because even Africa high blood pressure is becoming common. That translates into millions of deaths from heart disease alone. Yet hypertension doesn’t command the attention given even to bird flu which has killed fewer than 200 people. “Hypertension has gone a bit out of fashion” says Dr. Ostergren of Sweden University Hospital, he co-authored a first of its kind analysis of the global impact of high blood pressure.

The idea is to rev-up bored governments to fight high blood pressure just as countries have banded together in the past to fight infectious disease. The fact is that even in the United States the majority of people with high blood pressure are not treated adequately” says Dr. Smith of the University of North Carolina. To continue “Look at China, look at Africa, go around the world, it is a major risk factor.” What is the treatment?

And the dangers go well beyond the heart, high blood pressure is a leading cause of strokes, and kidney failure; plus it plays a role in blindness and even dementia.

The summary what is the cause, it’s not pressure, it’s not diet, it’s not lack of exercise. What causes it? Let’s get on the research kick and find out before it’s much too late!

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